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Our mission is to create the world's most exquisite baked goods. Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fashion, landscapes, music, and most of all, from each one of our individual clients. We are able to create custom-made baked goods for all of our clients upon request. Browse our specialty products and take something unique and tasty home with you today.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Cupcakes


At surreal sweets, we always guarantee to have a fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie Stack waiting for you. All our products are baked daily and made with the finest, freshest natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on both our selection, and our quality. Our tasty Chocolate Chip Cookie Stack is truly second to none. Come by to get yours today. You won’t regret it and neither will your tummy!


We are always experimenting with new ingredients and testing new recipes. All of our baking is done in-house, with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our Bundt Cake is a true surreal sweets favorite and usually sells out quickly. Make sure you don’t miss out, and pick one up today.


You can trust us when we tell you that our Chocolate Cupcake is simply to die for. At surreal sweets we pride ourselves on the fact that we bake each of our delectable desserts every day to ensure their freshness. We use high quality, natural ingredients to ensure each batch tastes just as delicious as it looks. Would you like to place an order? Contact us today.

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