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  • Yacov Aboudi

10 tips for the best chocolate chip cookie

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Everyone one always asks me how do I make the best chocolate chip cookie? Getting a great result is less difficult than you would think. Your best bet obviously is to check out our shop for your tasty treats but if you want to get down and dirty then here is where I would start.

  1. Great food starts with great ingredients. Starting with the best ingredients will allow you to have a chance at that elusive best cookie.

  2. Temperature is key. The temperature of the ingredients make a huge difference in how they interact, pay attention to what the recipe says if it says cold don't use warm and vice versa.

  3. Beat it up! One of the most important parts of a cookie recipe (when making chocolate chip cookies at least) is to beat the fats and sugars together to emulsify and create a smooth mixture if you don't follow this step the cookie will be crumbly and altogether not very nice.

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